H&M Floral Ruffle Blouse

Guys, H&M has been nailing it lately. I know...I'm just as surprised as you. Granted you have to sift through a lot of so-so before you stumble upon a diamond in the rough, but the effort is worth it. I took a chance on this blouse and ordered it knowing it would either be (a) amazing or (b) hideous beyond salvation. I can tell you that not only is it indeed amazing, it looks like it cost 5x more than it did and I fricken LOVE when that happens. My friend Steph was in fits of rapture over this top when she came over and tried it on, and I'm pretty sure I could actually hear her heart breaking when we discovered it was sold out. I love it with some beat up jeans and and heels. 

Camilla KimH&M, ruffle, floralComment