about me

I created Uneven Three to address a question I get asked often and with the zeal only women on a sartorial mission can muster:

"Where did you get that?" 

See, folks, I am a serial clicker. I follow fashion and lifestyle bloggers with the kind of interest one should reserve for actual relevant world news. I also love to shop with the frequency and fervor of an addict - which I very well may be, but that's another discussion for another time. All this has resulted in a crazily extensive and eclectic wardrobe. This is why any female who enters our home makes a beeline for my dressing room like it was wallpapered with avocado toast. Hurray for consumerism! Hurray for crippling debt! 

Truth be told, my enthusiasm used to be tinged with a healthy dose of guilt and shame. Fashion is largely viewed as meaningless frivolity, especially in the face of an increasingly sobering world. But I’ve come to realize that it holds a much more significant place in my psyche than mere frippery. It’s at times been my armor, my shield, an extension of my creative self, a malleable appendage I can suit to my confidences and insecurities alike. It can change my mood as effectively as the right song, and on more than one occasion it’s helped me feel less like an interloper in my own skin after the birth of my children.

Ergo I’ve embraced my style in all its complexities, and simply enjoy it at face value. It's a passion I indulge and share often. The fact that this savvy has come at the expense of more necessary skills is unfortunate, but I have zero control over it. With age and motherhood I have found that I can retain only so much information, so the sad truth is I have no idea where any countries are but I can tell you who makes the perfect boot you never knew you needed. Basically the real estate in my brain currently looks like this:


Anyway, I initially approached Uneven Three simply as a destination for other women on the hunt for great style. But as with most endeavors it's taken on a life of its own, and I've found myself compelled to write about a number of different topics that interest or amuse me. And that's the thing...we're all complex and multi-faceted, right?

So here's what you will find on the site:

  • a wealth of fashion finds, inspo, and commentary, liberally peppered with my musings on life & motherhood

What you will not find:

  • photos of me on a yacht in Bali with other bloggers, because real life

  • selfies made to look as though someone managed to capture me at my most unsuspecting yet perfect moment when really it took 84 tries and a dislocated shoulder to achieve

Thanks for visiting,