I have been fascinated and delighted by fashion since I was 3 years old, when I first watched Fräulein Maria turn questionable drapery into seven unique yet equally jaunty daytime ensembles. It’s a passion I’ve pursued personally (as my wardrobe can attest) but also professionally as a stylist for nearly 15 years.

What exactly does a stylist do, you ask? Allow me to elucidate:


wardrobe rehab

We’ve all been there. It’s morning, the day is yawning ahead of you but you’re standing in front of your closet in your underpants, staring blankly at its contents, uninspired and nonplussed by your choices.

Enter Camilla.

I will come to your house. I will go through your closet. I will cull all the ugly-ass crap you never wear, the ill-fitting things that don’t work, the trends from bygone eras, the stuff you’re holding on to because it’s sentimental or expensive or you saw it looking awesome on someone else. I will help you sort them into 3 piles: items that just need a little TLC in the form of tailoring or repair, items of value that you can resell, and items to have the “it’s not you it’s me” talk with and donate.

I will then look at what’s remaining with an artful, discerning, well-trained eye, and I will create new looks that fire up the light in your soul again. I will also tell you what you need to round out your wardrobe, whether it’s a classic staple (a great blazer, a versatile bag) or a statement piece (a bold print, an eye-catching accessory).

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personal shopping

I avoid the psychological trauma of dressing rooms whenever possible. I hate the waiting in line with an armload of clothing, the mirror you can’t trust, the nasty carpet with the ghosts of a thousand stinky feet, the constant, “HOW ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?!?!?”

Wouldn’t it be nice if an online shopping list could magically appear in your inbox, brimming with fabulous clothing you both need and want? Wouldn’t it be grand if that list was curated by someone who knows your taste, who can help you integrate these new pieces into your wardrobe, and who has an encyclopedic knowledge of brands & resources?

Enter Camilla.

I will do these things for you. I will provide you with an easy, pleasant, and - most importantly - completely personalized shopping experience that will leave you feeling many happy feelings.

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vision boards

Remember that scene in Clueless when Cher scrolls through potential outfit combos on her Macintosh Quadra 650 and everyone’s minds were collectively blown by the Technology? Well the future is now, people, because:

Enter Camilla.

Ok fine, I won’t be scanning your whole wardrobe so you can use your computerized image like a cutting-edge dress-up doll, but what I WILL do is create vision boards for when you need a dose of inspiration. Imagine Pinterest, only just for outfits and tailored to your specific style and/or mood. Have an item in your closet that you love but you need help figuring out how to style it? There’s a vision board for that. Want ideas for professional yet chic work looks? There’s a vision board for that. Going on vacation and need a versatile capsule packing list? You get the idea.

Best of all, I make these mood boards shoppable. If you like any of the pieces on your vision board, simply click on them and you’re magically transported to the appropriate retailer. 🤯

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And that’s really the gist of what I do as a stylist, although I’m always open to helping in whatever way someone needs. Think of me as a motivational dresser: whether it’s helping fellow moms get out of their black leggings rut, giving your wardrobe a seasonal refresh, or just offering ideas when your go-to outfits feel stale, I’ve got you covered.

Even the best of us need some help, encouragement, and a fresh perspective once in a while. If you or someone you know could benefit from a little personal styling, click the GET STYLED button below to get started.

* Disclaimer: I am not Marie Kondo. I am not going to arrange your entire life or teach you how to fold your socks into perfect little drawer soldiers. If this is something you need, I encourage you to read her book or hire a professional organizer.