Wackadoodle Looks From the Fall 2018 Shows

It was recently brought to my attention by no less than 2 people (I know! My readership is growing like wildfire! Mustn’t let it go to my head…) that I’ve neglected to do any scathing commentary on the kookier offerings from the past two Fashion Week seasons. To be fair, this wasn’t an oversight on my part but rather my total ignorance as to how well-received my first Wackadoodle Looks post was. It took a peek at the ole analytics to realize that it’s my second most popular article of all time, with “all-time” being since February when I started this blog.

It’s not surprising, really, when you think about how much we all love a train wreck - not in the literal sense, obviously, but in the figurative. It’s why we laugh at people when they fall, or watch potential love interests being rejected in reality shows, or gossip about the misfortunes of others…it’s schadenfreude in all its ugly glory, and of course it’s never more delightful than when we can all be catty about someone’s hapless failure en masse. So what could justify our churlish glee more than a high-end designer going to the ridiculously exorbitant cost & effort of designing, producing, and then presenting their missteps in the most public & extravagant of stages? Add to that the fact that we, the public, are expected to pay thousands of dollars for something that looks like it’s part of an elaborate dare and our pettiness seems wholly justified.

So let’s just get right to the collective eye-rolling and derisive laughter, shall we? Without further ado I present to you the biggest, dumbest turkeys from the Fall 2018 shows:

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