Oscar Fashion Favorites

The Oscars are my Superbowl and therefore I approach them each awards season with gleeful anticipation. This year was no exception, as I feel the contenders were particularly strong and that Hollywood is - finally - slowly but surely creating the kind of racial & gender diversity most of us have wanted to see for a very long time. Jimmy Kimmel was unremarkable but fine (whatever) and the show itself seemed to go off without a hitch, even though I couldn't get past the sight of all the celebrities emerging from what can only be described as a glittery geode-encrusted orifice. Seriously that stage was kookydooks.

But I'm not going into the facets of the show, even though I have Thoughts. What I'm focusing on here is the Oscar fashion, which I mostly had to google because HOW AWKWARD WAS THAT RED CARPET WITH RYAN SEACREST. Very few stars of note stopped to speak with him, perhaps understandably considering the circumstances, so I fired up the ole laptop and we had our own red carpet rundown. And while it would be all too easy for me to highlight what I consider the worst looks of the night, I'd rather dwell on the positive, so I won't mention anyone's style mishaps. Not even Selma Hayek who looked like a lampshade in a bordello.

Without further ado, here are my favorite looks from the night:

Lupita Nyong'o

This woman is a goddess, she wins everything. She looked as though she'd been dipped in molten gold, and not in the terrifying face-melting Khal Drogo way. The movement of the gown was mesmerizing, the unique and vaguely armor-like bodice evoked some sort of Amazonian statue, her hair was gorgeous, the cobalt eyeshadow was a small yet bold touch, and even the specs she donned later were perfection. If anyone needs me I'll be digging my grave because I'm done.



I love how this gal mixes it up every time she steps out. She epitomizes playful experimentation with her clothes, hair, and makeup and in my humble opinion she's rarely had a misstep. True to form, I think she knocked it out of the park last night. The draping of the gown is elegant and dramatic, and I was fascinated by how the color seemed to shift from eggplant to cocoa to cinnamon depending on the angle. Her accessories were spot-on (those earrings!) and she was wise to keep her hair sleek & simple in the face of such a statement dress. Oh and you know I love a bold brow.

Allison Janney

Girlfriend served up some good old-fashioned Hollywood Glamour and it was TASTY, people. The classic scarlet hue, the modest jewelry, the elegant hair, the feminine neckline, those amazingly ostentatious sleeves...I am here for it all. I thought La Janney looked beautiful and statuesque, and I love that she exudes confidence & sass out of every invisible pore. 


emily blunt

This dress was very polarizing but I am an unmitigated, unapologetic fan. While most of the looks last night were decidedly modern, I think this gown was a breath of fresh air in its romantic sensibilities. I love the seafoam color, the graphic appliqué detail along the bodice, the delicate swiss dot tulle, and the unusual shoulders. If I had a suitable occasion and didn't think that I myself would look like musty old draperies from a Revolutionary-era home I would wear the hell out of this. Also, THIS WOMAN IS MARY POPPINS RETURNED TO US SO EVERYTHING SHE DOES IS PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY DON'T QUESTION IT.


gal gadot

I can't with this woman. Was there ever a more exquisite human being? I mean yes, Zoë Kravitz, who I am 100% obsessed with but other than her. And if you've ever seen Gal in an interview you'll know that she's also charming and funny and delightful and the rest of us should just stop trying. As for her look last night, it was unsurprisingly gorgeous. That gown is like a sexier, updated flapper's dress with the beading and that swingy fringe, and I love that she offset the nostalgia with a more contemporary, asymmetric necklace. Gold star yet again, you irritatingly beautiful and likable minx.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge

This is Emily Blunt-adjacent so maybe that's why I like it, but whatever. The case for this gown is helped by the fact that I - much like the rest of the sartorial world - am enamored of polka dots lately, and that diaphanous puffed sleeve is my 7th grade dream. Confession: I have no idea who this lady is.


Helen mirren

If I am half as chic and fabulous at 72 as Helen Mirren is, I'll be happy. The understated grace of that gown, the muted yet flattering color, the ridiculously gorgeous jewels, the impossibly stylish hair...it's all just so good. And look at her up there waving like the queen of world; homegirl knows she's the poo.


*This post is dedicated to my husband, who took both kids for an extended playdate so I could go hang out with my girlfriends in our glasses and fuzzy socks, eating spam musubi and dissecting the Oscars with unrestrained snark. 

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