Fashion Week Favorites (S/S 2019)

In my humble opinion, the Spring/Summer 2019 fashion shows were some of the best to date, with standout offerings from my perennial tried & true (Prada, Dries Van Noten, Fendi) and surprising, never-before-on-my-radar houses (Burberry & Moschino, where have you been all my life??). For the past month or so, I’ve spent many a lunch on the Vogue website, scrolling through their comprehensive coverage of the New York, London, Milan, and Paris shows and, as always, marveling at the pageantry and beauty of it all. Every Instagram feed from my favorite influencers, editors, stylists, and fashionistas were flooded with inspiring firsthand shots of runways and street style alike, and my Pinterest trigger finger was worked into a misshapen claw, but it was so worth it.

In my last Fashion Week Favorites post, I presented my personal Top 10 of the Fall/Winter 2018 season and included some choice looks from each show. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to be so succinct this time around; there was just too much goodness to distill, so I went with a Go Big or Go Home mentality and ramped it up to a Top 30 😬. Without further ado, here they are in alphabetical order (I tried to do order of preference and nearly had an embolism, so…alphabetical it is). Click on the designer/house to see the full show.



I was drawn to the rich, earthy colors and sumptuous fabrication here. The design isn’t earth-shattering but there’s something very appealing about a classic, menswear-inspired silhouette done in a ladylike way.

Alberta Ferretti

Muted tones and funky layering made the otherwise (relatively) simple clothing eye-catching.


I’m Normally not a big fan of balmain, as i’ve found it too self-consciously out-there, but this show really stood out. I love the juxtaposition of futuristic, structured pieces with the soft color palette & feminine lines. I thought the whole show was modern and interesting without the usual over-the-top tomfoolery.


Two thumbs up for the rainbow sherbet hues, the luscious silk & lace, and yes, the biker shorts (a most welcome return of a 90’s fad I wore to death. biker shorts under babydoll dresses w/doc martens were my high school uniform. ANd they’re all popular again 🙌)


FOR ME, BURBERRY WAS THE SHOW THAT PROVED TO BE THE MOST delightfully SURPRISing. I’VE paid VERY LITTLE ATTENTION TO it IN THE PAST, HAVING WRITTEN IT OFF AS THE BRAND OF CHOICE FOR proper english folk of a certain age. But ever since Riccardo Tisci took the reins earlier this year, the historically conservative label has been turned on its head and the result is a chic, youthful breath of fresh air. I love that there are still nods to tradition with the signature check and plethora of trench coats, but it’s all done with a modern twist. I loved every single look and i’m Excited to see what comes next from this new favorite.


fashion-lovers always await the chanel show with baited breath knowing that karl lagerfeld has a well-earned reputation for creating the most original, outlandish settings, and he didn’t disappoint this season. homeboy turned the grand palais in paris into a mother-effing beach, complete with a “runway” of white sand and actual frigging waves. once i got past the initial feeling of “what in the actual hell is happening,” i was able to appreciate the exaggerated silhouettes and updated takes on chanel classics: pearls, chains, and tweed.

Christian wijnants

I just love this collection. The delicious clashing of prints, the vibrant colors, the casual use of leather opera-length gloves. I would happily wear all of these outfits.

coach 1941

For a label known for its leather goods, they certainly played to their strength with funky fringed vests and mocassins, and cozy shearling outerwear. i’m a fan of the western boho feel and easy wearability of these looks.

dolce & Gabbana

guys, there was so much to love about the D&G show, and it wasn’t just the gorgeous clothing. THis was one of the most refreshingly inclusive and relatable shows I’ve seen in recent memory, with models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities co-mingled in a glorious hodgepodge. Before we even get to my favorite looks, just take a peek at the diversity of the folks chosen to walk the runway:

yes! yes yes yes! So happy to see that high fashion is (hopefully) finally embracing a broader view of what’s beautiful. Now, on to the clothes. everything was a faithful tribute to the crux of the brand: elaborate, playful prints, a riot of color and texture, and beautiful tailoring. this show left me smiling for so many reasons and makes me look forward to what’s next from d&G. Some of my favorite looks from this season:

dries van noten

oh dries. you’re my third favorite thing to come out of belgium, behind waffles and hercule poirot. This man never fails to make me salivate over his clothing, and the few pieces of his i have are some of my most cherished. This season proved to be another home run, with gorgeous draping and shades that made me want to run to my closet and asses how much navy & tangerine i own.


As one of my mom’s favorite labels for as far back as I can remember, I have a special fondness for Etro’s signature paisley prints and bold colors. Their show this season had a pleasantly slouchy, romantic vibe with flowy dresses, covetable headwear (we all know I’m a sucker for hats), and feminine suiting.


Ah, Fendi…a personal favorite of mine for as far back as I can remember. not one season has gone by where i didn’t lust after at least one bag or shoe or article of clothing, but never more so than since lagerfeld’s been at the helm. I know THE man’s said and done some controversial and questionable things during his extremely long career, but DAMN IT HE COULD DESIGN A BURLAP SACK INTO SOMETHING GLORIOUS. it’s a testament to my love for fendi that out of only 46 looks that came down the runway (as opposed to d&G’s 151, burberry’s 134, and armani’s 174,) i still couldn’t narrow my favorites down to less than 18. I want it all so badly i could punch myself in the face.


my appreciation for givenchy began with the house’s most iconic muse, audrey hepburn. I was fascinated by her when i was a child and watched all her classic films many times over, and you can’t love the woman without loving her look, which givenchy was largely responsible for. hepburn & givenchy were as synonymous as carrie bradshaw & manolo blahnik or madonna & gaultier, and i love that they essentially put each other on the map. givenchy has obviously evolved since those days of elegant, ladylike frocks but the crisp tailoring and smart designs remain unchanged.


a classic who never strays too far from its traditional aesthetic of sophisticated style, and there’s something comforting about that predictability. i like the pops of signature hermès orange, and the accessibility of all these outfits. Also, i’m obsessed with the pale lemon chiffon shade of that first look.


I am 100% here for the color-blocking, bold hues and prints, and playful layering in kenzo’s show. it’s Definitely not for everyone, but I really appreciate when fashion is fun and slightly audacious.

Louis Vuitton

Despite being another of my mother’s lifelong staples (along with Gucci & Missoni), I’m only a recent convert to the charms of Louis Vuitton. For most of my life I’ve found the ubiquity of that LV monogram obnoxious, but now I’ve grown to have a real admiration for its lasting appeal. I really liked this latest collection with its sculptural silhouettes, unusual fabrication, and modern design. Coveting that cornflower blue, bishop-sleeve blouse and those little round cross-body bags, btw.

marc jacobs

as a brand i feel like marc jacobs has sort of swung all over the place, at times skewing all-american preppy and at others euro couture. i haven’t always been on board, but this show left me smiling & doing a slow-clap. it was the best kind of charmingly fanciful design, with merry confections of flouncy blouses and jaunty, veiled hats. It was like someone took the best of circus fashion in one hand and elizabethan lavishness in the other, and melded & elevated the two into something that I, for one, found utterly delightful.


as mentioned above, missoni is yet another of my mom’s all-time favorites and there has never been a time when i haven’t loved their gloriously colorful, signature zigzag prints and luxurious knits. I’ve been lucky enough to inherit a few of my mom’s missoni dresses and found myself turning to them for milestone events in my life…meeting mike’s parents, a maternity shoot during my first pregnancy, my 40th birthday celebration, etc. their latest show was consistent with the brand’s rep for beautiful fabrication, exotic styling, and a kaleidoscope of rich hues.

miu miu

there were a lot of disparate styles going on in this show - the structure of well-cut blazers, the femininity of below-the-knee pencil skirts, the childlike innocence of knee-length socks and mary janes - but somehow it all worked for me. python print is definitely having a moment and i liked the use of it here, paired with diaphanous blouses and menswear-inspired jackets.


this just might have been my favorite of the shows this season. jeremy scott blew my mind with his whimsy, his originality, and the sheer dreaminess of his designs. i’ve gone back and looked wistfully at the runway images several times since the first, and they only get better upon successive viewings. i absolutely adore everything about the collection…the throwback to 80’s power dressing coupled with 40’s femininity, the delightfully unique and imaginative prints, the accessories (those stockings! those hats!!). each look felt so special, so captivating, and hearkened back to the days when ladies & gents made the effort to dress to the nines. standing o, moschino, standing o.

naeem khan

this was another show i found inspiring in its creativity. 70’s era flowy dresses and fringe got a striking facelift with moody butterfly-wing prints and vivid colors, and the effect made me sit up and take notice. there’s something darkly sexy about the whole collection.


there’s no way i could sum up this show by placing it into any one category. it was youthful and edgy and bizarre and compelling and brilliant. I’ve loved prada for years and have found so much inspiration in each of her collections, and this one is no exception. I’m scouring my favorite online sources for puffy headbands and anything in that juicy apricot color as we speak.

rejina pyo

there is so much i love about this designer who may not yet be a household name, but is a darling among the influencer & fashion-loving communities. Call me biased but i’m so proud that she’s korean, and i love that she champions diversity and the bucking of niches. and she doesn’t just talk the talk, but she walks the walk: Ahead of her show, pyo put out a casting call for "confident, unique and inspiring women of ALL ethnicities and ALL ages.” heart eyes!! her collection was as varied as her models, of which she said that she hoped what it reflected was the eclecticism of a real woman’s desire to dress one way one day and entirely differently the next. amen and you nailed it, sister.


love the earthy palette, unexpected details, and unflinchingly feminist point of view of this collection. the clothing looks empowering yet relaxed, and solidified my growing certainty that i need a fabulous trench coat stat, despite the fact that it hasn’t been less than 70° in los angeles since prehistoric times.

saint laurent

i think many will agree when i say one of the sexiest things a woman can wear is, in fact, men’s clothing. saint laurent proved that point with tuxedo styling, collared shirts with plunging necklines, and no shortage of velvet, silk, leather, and every other fabric you can think of that you’d want to put your hands on. side note: love the sleek, modified bowl haircuts.

sally lapointe

the thing that initially stood out to me in this collection were the soothing colors (still searching for apricot, which makes another appearance here in various shades). but i also fell in love with the exquisite fabrications - cashmere, sheer metallic knits, lurex, and sequins. if anyone wants to buy me the skirt from look #4 that would be great.


tibi is a personal favorite, and the most dangerous out of this bunch because much of the clothing is allllmost attainable price-wise (i stalk their site for sales like a hawk looking for prey). designer amy smilovic said after the show that she “wanted to capture the feeling of lightness we experience on vacation, when the only thing on our to-do list is relaxing in the comfy, breezy pieces we associate with ultimate bliss.” SOUNDS SWELL, where do i sign up. i think she achieved THAT goal with neutral, well-cut pieces that are deceptively simple, and simply lovely to look at.


i’ll take one of every single thing that came down this runway, thanks.


somehow versace has always felt like the brand for a woman’s woman, and unapologetically so. the body-conscious silhouettes, floral prints, and luxuriant draping it’s known for were in full display here, updated with pops of fluorescent neon and leather. I’m still waiting for the checked tights in THE first look to call me.


there’s a reason zimmermann rose to cult status as rapidly as it did…who wouldn’t want to be swathed in yards of flowy silk & lace, all emblazoned with beautiful, BOHEMIAN prints and embroidery? i own 3 zimmermann dresses (check them out in my wardrobe) and, without fail, whenever i wear them i’m stopped by at least one or two women asking where they can get their hands on them. i wore one to a double date night and my friend’s husband stood back to admire it, and said appreciatively, “that’s a really beautiful dress.” i’ll be honest - i love the compliments, and it makes me love the pieces themselves even more.

And that’s it, guys & gals. Hope you enjoyed my faves & recaps…comment below and let me know which ones were thumbs up or thumbs down for you.

Until next season…😘

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