Fashion Week Favorites (F/W 2018)

There was a time not too long ago when attending a show during Fashion Week was on my bucket list of things to do before leaving this earthly plane for that great Black Friday sale in the sky. The debut of a new season of clothing from designers the world over is enough to delight any fashion-lover, but the theatricality and frenzied energy of the shows themselves must be thrilling to experience firsthand. Not to mention the fact that the people-watching is unmatched. With every passing year the hordes of smartly-dressed attendees become bigger and flashier, and the street style alone makes for Pinterest nirvana.

Yes, there was a time I longed to be swept up in the pageantry of it all. Flash forward two children later and just thinking about the prospect gives me the vapors. Like perky boobs and the feeling of being well-rested that daydream has long vanished, but it's all good. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that I can simply soak in the spectacle of it all from the comfort of my home, in my sweatpants, with questionable hygiene. While the fashion elite knock themselves out getting on planes, dashing from one event to another, brooding over what to wear that hasn't already been done, worrying about how it's all going to photograph, I get to observe the whole melee whilst luxuriating in bed with a box of Thin Mints. Thank you, internet.

And that is exactly what I did over the long weekend. While the rest of my family watched ninety-four ELECTRIFYING minutes of Olympic cross-country skiing, I perused the offerings from the New York, London, and Milan fashion shows. As usual, some of them were chin-scratchers (I'm looking at you, Gucci) but others were a visual feast that left me doing a mental slow-clap. I rounded up my personal Top 10 and chose favorite looks from each, below. Click on the designer to see the full show, and feel free to enjoy with the snack of your choice (stretchy pants optional).


coach 1941

A hodgepodge of disparate styles - victorian romantic, western, urban rock - yet somehow it all works for me.
And I want every single one of these boots. Every single one of them.


delpozo is a perennial favorite of mine for their use of bold color and architectural silhouettes.
The origami-like, floral leather belts & playful details (a flash of polka dot at the wrist, a bit of sparkle on the sock) were particular stand-outs for me.


I love the drama & undeniable femininity here.
and who knew baggy, dotted mesh socks could be so chic?

isa arfen

These looks are unusual & eclectic, but ultimately still wearable to me.
I've always been a sucker for a good plaid and an interesting knit. 

maryam nassir zadeh

I am a relatively new but enthusiastic fan of hers. her pieces have a vintage vibe juxtaposed against modern, unexpected colors. in addition to the clothing, i was really drawn to the bright, neon eye shadows here.

peter pilotto

you can always count on this label for a riot of color & pattern, and it didn't disappoint.
I'm digging the leather opera gloves that toughen up the flowing, silky gowns they're paired with.


major lust for the sumptuous shades and fabrics here. Everything is so incredibly lush, vibrant, and luxurious.

temperley london

The fact that a jumpsuit was the first thing out of the gate boded EXTREMELY well for me, as my love for them is well documented. i'm also partial to army green & military-inspired styling, so this was a no-brainer.


I've loved Tibi for years (as evidenced by my wardrobe) and I find they only get better every year.
To me, this season embodied perfect easy-but-interesting dressing.


I adore this label, and therefore hotly anticipate each season (with a certain amount of dread because I know my bank account is going to take a hit). big thumbs up for the edgy leather accessories, strikingly versatile snake print, and signature feminine frocks.

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