Featured Item: Balenciaga Knife Boots

There's a common misconception that over-the-knee boots should be consigned only to the bravest of fashion risk-takers. True, it's a look that can quickly veer into "Julia Roberts at the beginning of Pretty Woman" territory and therefore may seem an intimidating prospect to more conservative dressers. But as with most statement items, the right outfit can offset even the boldest piece.

Take, for example, one of my favorite purchases from last year: the Balenciaga knife boot. It comes in a rainbow of bright colors that somehow magically work with anything, and the form-fitting jersey makes them incredibly comfortable to wear, despite the stiletto heel (which does WONDERS for your gams, btw). I agonized over which color to get, but the one I kept coming back to was a cotton-candy pink. I loved the juxtaposition of the sweet shade with the sexy silhouette, and I had seen it in enough photos with a variety of outfits to know that it would be surprisingly versatile.

Let me tell you, the reception I got the first night I trotted these babies out was no less than sensational. Girlfriends gushed, strangers asked where I got them, and the husband was 100% here for it. I wore them with a modestly-cut, tan tunic dress and kept the rest of the look simple, as the boots are the undeniable showstopper. Check it out:


I loved how these made me feel both bad-ass and feminine, and that they somehow manufactured this sense of rebellious confidence. They're not the only pair of thigh-high boots I own but they're now my favorite by light years. Which is why I got them in orange, too. That's right...oops I did it again.

If you're so inclined, you can purchase your own here (in purple or black), here (in blue velvet) or here (in fuschia). You can also find an affordable version in a ton of colors (and in ankle-length) here. And in case you need just a little more incentive, check out my pink ones on this bevy of fabulous females:

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