In My Cart: H&M

Before we delve into this next In My Cart, I should point out that I recently realized there's a very similar series over at one of my perennial favorites, Man Repeller. Same name, different format (theirs don't focus on one store, but rather on a category like brooches or pajamas) but there you have it - proof that it's nigh impossible to have an original idea these days. 

In the interest of not being derivative, I'm toying with the idea of changing the name of my series to one of the many other options I originally considered: Cart-Time Lover, Cart of Darkness, Queen of Carts, Untamed Cart, Oops I Carted Again, Cart & Soul, Shot Through the Cart & You're to Blame, My Cart Will Go On and get the picture. What do we think? Do we have a clear winner or do I just keep the series going with its currently simple & descriptive (yet evidently purloined) title?

Anyhoo, on to the cart. As I enthusiastically proclaim to anyone who will listen, H&M has been serving up some seriously stylish, on-trend pieces in recent months that are made all the more appealing for their very reasonable price points. I've scored several new favorites like this blouse and this skirt and these stirrup pants and this skirt that is so incredibly flattering and unique on. Every so often I'll check back on the site to see what new treasures I can rustle up and this time didn't disappoint. Behold my wishlist - and let me know which items you think I shouldn't live without in the comments section below.


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